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MPA Craft Show Guidelines

Date: Sunday, April 23rd

Set Up: 10:15/10:30AM  Doors Open 11:00am    Doors Close 2:00pm  Tear Down by 2:15pm

Location: K&G Gymnastics 19288 MN-22, Mankato, MN 56001


Tables are not provided, but please let us know if you are in need before April 16th.

We will include your logo or name in our social media post regarding the craft sale.

All items shown must be approved by MPA before April 16th. (Mock-Ups/ Digital Images) are okay for the approval process. We will keep images of all items, for potential future options or gym offerings.

All items must able able to be completed and to customers before June 15th, unless explicitly agreed upon at time of sale. The gym will not be responsible for getting customers their orders.

Items can be cheer or tumble related!

Items are encouraged, but not limited to items such as shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, leggings, sports bras, cups, sunglasses, rings, bracelets, accessories, posters, photo editing services, home décor, rugs, cheer dad/mom/bro/sis/gma attire, noise makers, fan gear, ect.

Items that cannot be made are : Warm Up Zip Up Jackets, Uniforms, and Backpacks. These must be purchased through the gym, as they are part of the “uniformed” look at MPA.



The logo of Minnesota Power Athletics belongs to the program. You cannot sell or create your own Minnesota Power Athletics clothing or any other items. This includes team names and any likeness to logo, affiliation and/or program without the written permission of Haley Huchon, President, Minnesota Power Athletics. – Per our season handbook.  Items approved AND with the MPA logo or likeness will be charged a $5 user fee per item sold, as fundraising for MPA.

A file of MPA logos will be sent to your email upon registration. Logos may not be edited or changed in any way, except turning to all white or all black.

Any items with the MPA Logo or relating to the gym in any way, MUST be within the below brand colors (3 Teal shades). All items outside these limits will not be approved.

Hex 22b9A7

Hex 2dadad

Pantone: 321-C (It can be hard for suppliers to hit this color, if you have any doubts, please send a quick message to Haley Huchon)


Our gym colors do not include blue or green, so please do not put these in your suggested items.

All items with the MPA name must be in approved fonts. These are on a case by case basis. We do not approve of “Varsity” style fonts. We shoot for strong athletics, and “fierce” fonts.


Pre-Approved Fonts: Oswald, Lato Heavy,, but do not be afraid to outside of these fonts.


Other MPA items throughout the year will not be approved to be sold to any MPA families. On occasion, team gifts or team purchases can be approved by MPA. MPA may open up one more week during the year for pre-competition sales of the same items for our Winter Showcase. *This is not guaranteed at this time.

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