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Allstar cheerleading is a competitive sport that combines the the best aspects of gymnastics, dance, and traditional cheerleading, wrapped into an action packed routine. 

Athletes are placed on teams based on their age and skill level. Allstar teams compete against similar skill level teams. 

Teams are placed into divisions:


Beginner and new cheerleaders

 - Little Time Commitment (1-2hrs a week)

 - Lowest Cost

 -Half and Full Season Options

 - Not ranked/placed at competitions against other teams

 - Exhibition at one day competitions

 - 2-4 Competitions, little travel


Beginner-Intermediate cheerleaders

 - Mid Range Time Commitment: (4-5hrs a week)

 - Lower Cost

 - Full Season (June-April)

 - Compete against other Prep Level Teams

 - Compete at one or two day competitions

 - Full Uniform

 - 3-5 Competitions, state and Midwest travel (potential of one traveling event)


Advanced cheerleaders

 - 6-7 hrs a week training

(5hr with team, 1-2hr tumbling)

 - Full Season (June- April/May)

 - Compete against other Elite Level Teams

 - Compete at one and two day competitions

 - Full Uniform

 - 4-7 Competitions: state, Midwest and national travel

After divisions are decided, teams are place into levels, to compete against other equally skilled athletes based on their tumbling, stunting, jumps, coachability and overall team position.

Level One: 

Tumbling: forward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, front walkovers, back walkovers, switch leg backwalkovers

Stunting: shoulder or lower level

Level Two: 

Tumbling: back walkovers, front walkovers, back handsprings, front handsprings, roundoff-back handsprings, back extension rolls, back handspring step outs, mounters 

Stunting: shoulder level in single leg stunts and extended level in two legged stunts

Level Three:

Tumbling: connected back handsprings, front punch/tuck , round off- back tuck , round off- back handspring- back tuck, mounters, front walkover-roundoff-backhandspring-back tuck

Stunting: extended level in single leg stunts, release and twisting skills

Level Four:

Tumbling: standing back tuck, round off- back handspring - layout, standing back hanspring back tuck

Stunting: Release moves in single legged extended stunts. 

Level Five: (not offered for teams)

Tumbling: round off- back handspring - full twisting layout.

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