MPA is an allstar cheerleading and tumbling gym located in Kasota, MN. Click for more info!


Our allstars are our competitive and performance team athletes. Team Placements take place in May and November each year!


Our classes are for athletes that are new to cheer and  are looking to train to become allstar athletes!

Who are we?

Minnesota Power Athletics (MPA) is a non-profit cheerleading and tumbling gym that is located just off of Hwy 22, in Kasota, MN. 
MPA trains athletes for performance and competitive allstar cheerleading and tumbling. 
We offer cheer classes, tumbling classes, competitive and exhibition allstar cheerleading teams. 

What is all star Cheerleading?

Allstar cheerleading is a competitive sport that combines the tumbling (floor elements) of gymnastics, the hip hop and jazz of dance, the stunting (lifting of other athletes) of traditional cheerleading, wrapped into an action packed routine. 
These athletes do not root for a sports team, or learn cheers for a specific team. Allstar cheerleaders are the team!
Athletes are placed on teams based on their age and skill level. Allstar teams compete against similar skill level teams. 

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Email: mnpowerathletics@gmail.com

Call or text:507-382-2593

8 MiLEs North of River Hills mall on highway 22

 529 Industrial street, Kasota, MN 56050